I had a very good experience by writing this saikoti, hope by the baba's grace i will complete this journey successfully, JAi SAI RAM

By Amudala saikiran On September 13, 2016

Please bless me baba

By Nagadurga alahari On December 5, 2018

night i will read sai sravan manjari

By Nagadurga alahari On June 18, 2019

Baba Please give me job in icici with good salary and good position and save role. sai ram sairam sairam

By Nagadurga alahari On June 18, 2019

When i started writing,initially i dont have any thoughts....while writing continuiously i could feel the positive energy and vibe nearby me.

By Aishwarya On September 12, 2019

May baba bless you and your family. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart for giving us this website. Om Sai Ram

By Gowtham Teja Narra On April 24, 2020

First of all showing. My gratitude to all people who developed this website for the sai devotees... Mine part of writing sai koti on par with all who writing the same ... Thanks Everyone over here

By Jairam On June 27, 2020

saikoti is a very good experience to me i thought the things done in my front

By venkata surya moparthi On January 31, 2021


By K Venu gopal On May 27, 2021

yes , i had an wonderful experiences while writing the saikoti....i belive in sai baba ... praise the lord

By Dilshin Shaik On February 2, 2022

Sai is my world Sai is everything for me sai saved my life all the way sai is omnipresent sai is so caring and protects me all the time .Sai is bliss .sai is parabrahma. Sai is sant chintamani . Sai is deva di deva . Sai relieves of all pains and sufferings . O sai please be with me always and guide me at every step Deva ..Om sai ram

By aruna On September 22, 2022