1. What is Saikoti.com?

Saikoti.com is an online platform providing digital infrastructure for Sai devotees to compose and submit "SaiKoti" writings. It functions as a web-based service.

2. Is this a free service?

Saikoti.com offers a dual-tiered service model. It provides free access to registered users, with over 1000 individuals availing themselves of this complimentary service. Additionally, Saikoti.com offers a subscription-based plan at a monthly fee of Rs.18/- for premium access. The platform is supplemented by advertisement revenue.

3. What will happen once I hit the 1 crore mark?

Upon achieving the milestone of 1 crore SaiKoti, Saikoti.com will issue a formal certificate, either in physical or digital form, acknowledging the individual's name and accomplishment.

4. I paid for one month and don't want to renew next month. What happens?

Subscribers who opt not to renew their service after the initial month will lose access to the Saikoti.com platform. This means they will no longer be able to write SaiKoti through the platform unless they renew their subscription by making a subsequent payment.

5. I have a question which is not mentioned above. What to do?

For any inquiries not addressed in the provided FAQs, individuals are encouraged to contact Saikoti.com via phone at 9885 110110 during regular business hours, five days a week, or by sending an email to contact@saikoti.com. The platform commits to respond within 48 hours.